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Eloping in New York City! by Hans Gonzalez Photography

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(from Texas)

During the past seven or eight years, I have been lucky enough to photograph a number of couples that have come from all over the world to elope in this vibrant city called New York.  



                                                         (from Moscow)


It's not only about saving money, or avoiding to face the hundreds of people you will probably never see again. Eloping is all that and more.  It is an opportunity to be spontaneous, intimate, and adventurous. A rebellious statement that says you are not only doing it to please the family, but because you really love your partner and want to show him / her you are ready to travel to the moon and back. 


                                                                                                         (from England)


New York City offers hundreds of places where couples can easily come and elope.  I have people that have come to get married on top of the Empire State Building, the Conservatory Garden of Central Park, the Waldorf Astoria's lobby, the vault of the Grand Central Terminal, amid of a hundreds of tourists in Times Square, and many others!



(from Singapore)


(From the U.K.)


When elopers hire a photographer, most of the time they are usually interested in photographing the ceremony, but oftentimes we encourage these lovebirds to do more than that.  They come to New York to elope and spend sometime having fun in the city that never sleeps.  Why not have a professional photographer to document more of that wonderful adventure?  


(From Russia)

If you are planning to elope in this magical city of New York.  Call Hans Gonzalez at 917-539-9418 and we take care of the rest!  Happy Holidays! 

(Gramercy Park Hotel)













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