I was born in Salcedo, the Dominican Republic, and came to New York in 1992. When I was 19 years old.  


My inclination into photography came about because of my mother.   Ever since I started walking, I saw my mother with a small camera taking pictures all the time.  Still now, whenever we see each other, she is always taking pictures. Her obsession is still intact (She recently married a photographer).


In 2008 I studied photography in the New York Institute of photography and later at Baruch College.  What I love about photography is that special ability to be able to freeze time in order to preserve the most important moments of my client's lives.  I love being able to bring the best out of people in order for them to look their best.  It's that feeling of knowing that I not only met their expectations, but exceeded them.   


We are available for portraits, events, parties, weddings, commercial and product photography and more!  For inquiries, please call me at 917-539-9418.  




Hans Gonzalez.